Sts. Peter and Paul is a sound investment in your child's future. First and foremost, we are a strong Catholic school, rooted in tradition and God's revealed truth. We are blessed to have Carmelite Sisters live in our convent and teach in our school. Twice a week we start our day with the celebration of the liturgy. Our children are prepared for their sacraments in school. Prayer, Scripture, the rosary, stewardship, and formal religious education form the basis of our curriculum.

In addition to our school families, our parishioners and alumni support us in every way. We maintain many traditions from our past, as we continue to prepare our children for the future. We believe that parents are the primary educators of children and that all we do builds on the strong foundation started at home. Yesterday, today and tomorrow...our focus build the Kingdom of God by training future Church and world leaders.

BAPTISM   Periodically, school children enrolled at Sts. Peter and Paul School have not been baptized. Parents desiring Baptism for their child are invited to contact the Director of Religious Education (D.R.E) at the parish office. Each child will be prepared individually to determine the catechesis needed in understanding this Sacrament. When your child is ready, a special time for celebration of Baptism will be arranged.

  Preparation for this Sacrament begins when your child reaches the second grade. Much of the catechesis will take place in the classroom with parents playing an important role with catechetical formation in the home. It is so important that parents involve themselves in helping their child with the home materials provided. Parents help their children to understand the reality of sin in the children's lives and the abundant forgiveness which is offered them in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Your child's First Confession will be celebrated during the Easter season, prior to their celebration of First Communion. SPPS as a school, goes to confession twice a year.

FIRST COMMUNION (EUCHARIST)   The ordinary time of instruction for First Holy Communion is also second grade. (If your child is in another grade; please contact DRE) As with the Sacrament of Reconciliation, parents are an integral part in the religious formation of their child. Parents and students will deepen their knowledge of the Catholic teachings on the Eucharist. The truth of Christ Jesus truly present in the Eucharist is the essential element of our classroom and home teaching. First Communion will be celebrated during Easter season. SPPS as a school, goes to Eucharist twice a week.

CONFIRMATION   Preparation for receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation will take place during seventh grade. Your child's religion classes will be geared toward:
  • Building Christian community among the youth at both Sts. Peter and Paul School and Parish.
  • Bringing the youth's Catholic faith to life by practicing the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.
  • Supporting personal religious experiences through retreats and stewardship.

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