Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic School is pleased to announce a partnership with Play Like A Champion Today (PLACT). The Play Like A Champion Today Character Education Through Sports Initiative is a national coach and parent educational series designed specifically to elevate Catholic school sports programs.

Playing sports presents an opportunity to help young athletes grow in their Faith, but this does not happen automatically. Parents of young athletes can help their child connect God, faith and sports. This is an adaption of Play Like A Champion's GROW model of motivation to the spiritual realm that parents can encourage within their family.

G - The GOAL of daily prayer and striving to live a Christian lifestyle

R - The daily serving of others and building positive, healthy RELATIONSHIPS

O - Taking OWNERSHIP of one's faith formation

W - We all WIN through Christ's redemption

Parent and coach workshops and clinics are available through this program.

All parents must attend this program when their child has reached 5th grade before student can participate in school sports.

Visit for more information on PLACT, schedules and maps.

Sports Programs Offered

Sports Offered BOYS GIRLS
Softball JV/Varsity/Widget
(Aug. - Nov.)
(Aug. - Nov.)
Basketball JV/Varsity/Widget
(Nov. - Feb.)
(Nov. - Feb)
Baseball JV/Varsity/Widget
(March - May)
Volleyball JV/Varsity
(Aug - Oct.)
(March - May)

Widget - 3rd & 4th Graders
JV - 5th & 6th Graders
Varsity - 7th & 8th Graders

All athletes are required to have a physical exam and submit a parental permission and medical authorization form before playing on a CSAL team. A signed physician’s statement is required before receiving a sports uniform.

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